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Our mission at Paul Kruger Safaris
We offer authentic African safaris with reputable and market leading operators, developments in true wilderness areas and flying charters to reach these remote locations. Paul Kruger Safaris are true wildlife enthusiasts. We aim to conduct business with absolute integrity and value our clients.

Paul Kruger Safaris offer a variety of safaris with reputable and market leading operators in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Wilderness-Safaris, Authentic safaris in Africa, Self-catering camps, Flying charters, Personalised safaris including air charter. Are you looking for your own piece of Africa? We offer outstanding developments in true wilderness areas.

Kruger National Park: Yes! You can now have ownership of your own private lodge inside the Kruger National Park. As the premier wildlife reserve in Africa, the Kruger National Park has no equal. The new owners, referred to as custodians, will have the honour to own their own Safari Suite or complete Bush Camp in the Kruger National Park. The custodians will not only have unlimited access to the Kruger National Park roads, but also to a private concession area inside the park. This is truly a once in a lifetime offering incomparable to any other.

Okavango Delta: Own your own piece of paradise! The Okavango Delta in Botswana is the world's largest inland delta and a pristine wilderness area. Apart from offering one of the best game viewing experiences in Africa, it is a true oasis in the Kalahari desert. Qawya Qhanda Island is a new commercial lodge development on a remote island deep into the delta where the floodwaters are present all year round. Mwezi Island is a pristine little island suitable for private development only.

Paul Kruger Safaris offer flying charters in and around Southern Africa.
Charter flights: Beechraft Bonanza G36 (3pax), Cessna C206 (3/4pax), Piper Saratoga (3/4pax), Super King Air B200 (9pax).
Scenic flights: Aviat Husky (1pax) Two aircraft available.

Contact Paul Kruger Safaris at:
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P.K. Odendaal | 083 255 9898 |
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